Quotes from the archers in the mixed zone will be published here during the finals.


Saturday August 1st – Compound Finals

Team Compound Women’s Bronze

“We were focused on our game, not on Venezuela. We don’t know them, we don’t know how they shoot; that help us beat them, not worrying about shooting against them, at all. In our country we train together, we stay in the same room for a long time, so we are very dedicated to our training. That’s how our competition level is getting higher with the time.”
- Choi Bomin (KOR) – Athlete
- After winning compound womens bronze medal match


Team Compound Men’s Bronze

“It’s an amazing feeling to get to shoot out there, especially on home soil. Before the week started, we wanted to get to shoot here and then, to turn it into a bronze medal, it’s amazing! Especially with this crowd, the volunteers and all the spectators; it has been an amazing experience.”
- Martin Damsbo (DEN) / athlete
- After winning compound men’s team bronze


“It was a tough match. I had some problems with the sun, I couldn’t see much, but it’s great to win.”
- Patrick Laursen (DEN) / athlete
- After winning compound men’s team bronze


Team Compound Women’s Gold

“We were very nervous, so we just did what we can. We had a good support from our team and it was amazing!”
- Mariya / Vyktoria (UKR) / Athletes
- After winning compound women’s team gold


“This is a very important medal for Ukraine, especially for compound in our country. We are glad things went on for us and we win for the first time ever a world gold medal.”
- Olena Borysenko (UKR) / Athlete
- After winning compound women’s team gold


“I fucked up one arrow! I was shacking and then it was a lower eight.
- Inge Van Caspel (NED) / Athlete
- After winning compound women’s team silver


“It would have been nicer if it was gold, but for Inge and me it’s the second silver in a row and we got a new team member. That it’s great.
- Irina Markovic (NED) / Athlete
- After winning compound women’s team silver


“It’s great shooting with them. The tension is lowerwith them andwe have a good relationships. We are a good team
- Evelien Groeneveld (NED) / Athlete
- After winning compound women’s team silver


Team Compound Men’s Gold

“It’s our first gold medal at World Championships. We would like to thank our coach and the president of our federation.”
- Majid Gheidi (IRA) / Athlete
- After winning compound men’s team gold


“We feel very excited because too many spectators and my collection is now complete with this gold medal.”
- Esmaeil Ebadi(IRA) / Athlete
- After winning compound men’s team gold


“Before we came here we knew we were sure we could win a medal, but didn’t expected gold. After we beat the Colombia team, we started to believe it was possible to make the finals.”
- Amir Kazempour (IRA) / Athlete
- After winning compound men’s team gold


Compound Mixed Team Bronze

“I was extremely nervous to start the match but lucky for me I have been there on a couple of time. For her first time, I think she did a really great job shooting a couple of tens. It was difficult. The wind was very strong, even Russia struggle with it, so we are very pleased to come out with the medal”
- Patrick Roux (RSA) / Athlete
- After winning mixed team bronze


“It’s significant for me to have such a great partner backing me up out there.”
- Sera Cornelius (RSA) / Athlete
- After winning mixed team bronze


Compound Mixed Team Gold

“We are very pleased with the first gold medal ever for Korea in the mixed compound team. It’s fantastic.”
- Kim Yun Hee ( KOR) Athlete
- After winning mixed team gold


“I’m very happy about our shooting. Every time I shoot I just focus on the target, not really on the spectators.”
“I’m the only person that can enjoy this match! I’m really happy to win this gold medal against Crystal! I just want to fly! I was just focused on 10,10,10. Not even lower scores, just hitting the 10 and that’s what helped me to win”
- Kim Yun Hee ( KOR) Athlete
- After winning mixed team gold


Compound Women’s Individual Bronze

“This bronze taste like gold. I really enjoy this new medal; I tried a lot and fought hard to make it. When I shot against Crystal, she won. It was good, very tough match and she’s one of the archers I have always admire in archery.”
“It was difficult, but I least I try. To win bronze it’s great considering my age. All what I have achieved makes me extremely happy. Colombia is showing a great level, as usual. This bronze definitely has a gold medal meaning for me.”
- Sara Lopez (COL) / Athlete
- After winning women’s bronze


Compound Women’s Individual Gold

Compound Men’s Individual Bronze

“A bit buzzing. Good shots! After a bit of a poor through in Turkey for the World Cup I just wanted to come and shoot good shots, keep things steady, keep things calm. So yeah, absolutely terrific moment. Bit nervy, only a bit of a breeze out there – there was more of a breeze on the practice field. Looked up the scope, lined up the bubble because we had the shade, nice and calm, nice and easy”

“This match was absolutely awesome but there’s so much going on around you that you don’t think about the adrenaline. That 15 arrows has got to be the quickest 15 arrows I’ve shot all week. Time just flies when you’re in there.”
“The song. We originally started it the other day for Patrick Huston, as we thought we had a good chance at a medal. Unfortunately he got knocked out in the second or third round but the song got adapted and stayed on. It’s great.
- Adam Ravenscroft (GBR) Athlete
- After winning bronze medal


Compound Men’s Individual Gold

“This is unbelievable! I have never feel anything like this before. I’m so happy about it! On my match against Rajat, I was very nervous in the beginning. My whole family and everybody was here to cheer on me, so that’s a lot of people expecting me to win. I got over my nerves and won!”
- Stephan Hansen (DEN) / Athlete
- After winning gold


Sunday August 2nd – Recurve Finals

Team Recurve Women’s Bronze

“The last time we shot against Japan was in Antalya and we lost, so we wanted to beat them here. That mentality helped us to win!”
“For the first time, we couldn’t control the weather, it was difficult for us to understand the wind, but the result is good as we got a team bronze medal and the option for gold,” she said about their feelings through out the week.
“My two teammates define these championships as value – it’s their first time at the worlds. For me: stress!”
- Ki Bo Bae(KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve women’s bronze


Team Recurve Men’s Bronze

Team Recurve Women’s Gold

“We didn’t care about scores. We believed we could win and so we did. Atmosphere was great and this means a great of prestige for us team ahead of Rio 2016.”
- Inna Stepanova (RUS) / Athlete
- After winning recurve women’s gold


“We had a lot of pressure and it made us make a lot of mistakes. We shot some sevens and a six, I mean… Russian did well, we just shot so bad. We couldn’t control our nerves, we very, very nervous… (laughing).”
- Rimil Buriuly (IND) / Ahtlete
- After winning recurve women’s silver


Team Recurve Men’s Gold

“Rio 2016 will be the first time for me to make it to Olympics. I believe I can make it there and win a gold medal, maybe.”
- Kim Woojin (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve men’s team gold


“The weather was difficult through all week; I think it was the hardest thing from the championships. It was awful.”
- Ku Bonchan (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve men’s team gold


“The first time I couldn’t control the spot, as it is completely different from the one we had at the elimination field. I could control it and in the end I didn’t have any problem today.”
“These championships has been the most difficult event for me. Even do I trained a lot before coming here, I couldn’t control the weather and it made it difficult.”
- Oh Jin Hyek (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve men’s team gold


Recurve Mixed Team Bronze

“We knew Georgia was going to be hard to beat. We prepared to beat them and during the match, we tried to shoot the best we can. They had some low arrows and we took advantage of it.”
- Gu Xuensong (CHN) / Athlete
- After winning mixed team bronze


“I was very nervous but I tried to relax and had better shots to win”
- Zhe Jueman (CHN) / Athlete
- After winning mixed team bronze


Recurve Mixed Team Gold

Recurve Women’s Individual Bronze

“I was focused on my shooting and not in the Indian’s. For my first worlds, this bronze medal is a like a gold one. It’s a very valuable experience for me.”
- Choi Misun (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve women’s bronze


“I had some problems releasing the arrows, I took too long to shoot them. Match was very tough, it was a good battle and I enjoyed. I’m happy about it even I lost.”
- Laxmirani Mahji (IND) / Athlete
- After loosing recurve women’s bronze


Recurve Women’s Individual Gold

“In 2014, I wasn’t selected for the national team because I wasn’t shooting well. During that last year I thought that if I practised a lot I could win a world title and make it to the Olympics. I forgot about the bad things.”
“I’m almost crying now! There are no words to explain what I’m feeling. I’m just happy!”
- Bo Bae Ki (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve women’s gold


Recurve Men’s Individual Bronze

“I’m really happy now! I have big luck. It was tied. In the fifth set I shot seven and I thought it was all, but then the Venezuelan shot a eight for shoot-off. I was just lucky to win!”
- Takaharu Furukawa (JPN) / Athlete
- After winning recurve men’s bronze


“I was focused on the shooting; I still think It was a good one but not a high score. I just wanted to make it good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a 10. In the shoot-off things didn’t go on my side, but I’m happy. After a year of absence, Venezuela is back in force and hopefully we will be able to attend more events like these one ahead to Rio 2016.”
- Elias Malave (VEN) / Athlete
- After loosing recurve men’s bronze


Recurve Men’s Individual Gold

“It was a difficult match, very tight, very hard. Rick shot really well and made it hard. I’m glad it went on my side. It took me four years to win this title again and I think it’s something good ahead of the Olympics. Shooting in the morning helped me to be more confident later today.”
- Kim Woojin (KOR) / Athlete
- After winning recurve men’s gold